APR Pulse Tuned Y-Pipe

The APR 4.0L pulse tuned y-pipe is designed to increase the exhaust scavenging characteristics across a wide range of engine speeds. The 2.5” stepped tube design along with a 3.0” collector provides enough exhaust flow to support engines up to 500 HP.

The APR pulse tuned y-pipe will completely change the sound and performance of your 4.0L Toyota engine. The sound and performance change is due to the equal lengths of the primary tubes of the y-pipe.

On a standard y-pipe, the exhaust pulses (pressure waves) from the driver’s side of the engine are delayed due to the added distance of tubing that cross’s over to the passenger side of the truck. Since the pulses are delayed from the driver’s side of the engine, they reach the collector shortly before the next in line pulse from the passenger side arrives. Instead of having six evenly spaced pulses meeting the collector, you have three double pulses which will provide you with the sound quality of a three cylinder Triumph motorcycle engine. When the two pluses from each side of the motor arrive at the collector at about the same time, they are fighting for the same space and offer little as far as collector scavenging abilities.

Not only will the pulse tuned y-pipe change the sound quality of your vehicle, the evenly spaced exhaust pulses will increase the collector’s ability to scavenge the next in line cylinder exhaust gases for increased torque and horsepower. In addition, we have taken it one step further and added a stepped 2.25” to 2.5” header collector flanges to provide a reflected negative pressure wave back up the header to increase its scavenging abilities. Each pulse tuned y-pipe is hand fabricated and tig welded 304 stainless tubing, features stainless steel v-band flanges, clamps and hangers for strength, durability and a positive seal.

In order to design and fabricate an advanced y-pipe, the short comings of the existing exhaust components must be overcome. In order to do so, the pulse tuned y-pipe requires the cutting and welding of your existing exhaust system. We have designed the system so that it can be installed quickly and easily by any muffler shop, average install time is 30 to 45 minutes. The existing header collector flange is cut off and a v-band clamp slid over each of the collectors and is welded. The same goes for the cat-back exhaust flange, the existing flange is cut off and your existing cat-back slides into the collector v-band flange and is welded.

  • The standard APR pulse tuned y-pipe is designed for DTLT headers and a 3” cat-back systems
  • Custom systems with merge collectors, larger tube diameters and SS bellows are available upon request













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