A true parallel processing ECU with extended Rev-Limiter

Adjustable Soft-Cut Rev-Limiter Control (internally limited to 6200 RPM). Increased rev-limiter calibrations (up to 7800 RPM) are available from Authorized Dealers for highly modified race engine that are designed to handle the increased loading.

True Plug and Play Technology

No wiring harnesses or adaptors to buy cut and solder in. Simply plugs into the factory ECU and harness using OEM connectors. Utilizes all factory sensors with the option of using high performance aftermarket sensors as well.

Complete Fuel Control

High-resolution map tables (20 x 24 cells) enable precision fuel adjustments during both closed and open-loop operation. Calibrations for oversized mass air flow sensors (up to 900 cfm).A sophisticated mass airflow based fuel controller senses OEM injection, desired air/fuel trajectory, WRAF sensor feedback and many other internal signals.  


Calculates injector and igniter updates 200 times a seconds to provide high-bandwidth control. Forced-induction compensation up to 200% engine load and 7800 RPM. The table ordinate breakpoints may be adjusted to accommodate any range. Users tune the commanded air/fuel table with adjustments for trimming and dynamic fuel compensation. The calibration is entirely based upon engineering units (no fudge factors based upon injector duty-cycle, or MAF/ECT voltage). Advanced forced-induction auxiliary injection system controls secondary port and throttle injection. This control option enables the ability to keep the factory injectors stock with high quality performance, drivability and emissions. The oversized main injector function allows the replacement of the stock injectors as well. This control activates the secondary injectors based upon load calculations with a calibrate-able distribution between the port and throttle injectors (chemical intercooler feature).

Complete Ignition Control

High-resolution map table (20 x 24 cells) enables precision spark adjustments keeping the OEM knock control intact for durability. Mass airflow based load calculations accurately senses the cylinder conditions for precision spark delivery to 0.1’ (36 tooth accuracy). Spark advance and retard capability allow for modified intakes, exhaust systems and forced-induction configurations.

Multiple-Strike Coil Control

Highly modified race engines benefit from our multi-strike ignition control for improved start and idle stability

APR Stage1 92-Octane Performance Calibration Base Map

Our Stage1 base map is included, this map will allow you to start and drive you vehicle immediately. The base map is optimized for the APR cam gears and thermostat set. The only thing left is for you to tune for your aftermarket parts and the atmospheric conditions in your area.


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