Real-Time Tuning

The XTune software allows calibration adjustments in real-time with the engine running so that calibration changes can be quickly evaluated. Back-to-back comparisons can be performed rapidly while the thermodynamics remain equivalent. To make the modifications permanent, simply hit the program button at any time and your calibration is stored in the X-One on-board memory within seconds while the PC backs up your calibration file. This is especially important for dynamometer work when you are being charged hourly.

USB High Bandwidth Calibration System

The XTune software has advanced editors for aiding the tuner in their calibration work. Based upon Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet, XTune has many features available to aid the tuning process such as drag-fill, smooth, interpolate, real-time cell distribution and tracking. Simultaneous multiple calibration editing and comparison on the same calibration panel. Advanced 2D, 3D and 3D series charting allows the tuner to visualize their calibrations in a presentation quality display. All parameter properties are available using our unique explorer panel.


Multi-Map Flash-Cal USB Drive Technology

Calibration changes can be made quickly with and without a laptop computer. The flash drive USB technology allows instant map changes at your command even with the engine running. Drive to the track on your standard street map and then switch to your high octane race calibration with a simple Flash Key insertion. Compatible with standard USB Flash Keys.

On-Board Dual Wide-Range Air/Fuel Sensing

Proper fuel system calibration mandates that a wide-range air/fuel sensor be utilized during development. We’ve integrated the stock Toyota WRAF sensors into our control allowing an on-board air/fuel measurement suitable for most performance tuning. For the serious tuner we’ve also included an external universal exhaust gas oxygen (UEGO) channel for greater precision.

Integrated Parameter Guide

Our unique explorer panel allows efficient multi-calibration management and parameter identification, definition and application guide with the ability to add user notes on every item. sample software download….




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