Complete Control

Modern OEM powertrain management system contain over 15,000 calibration parameters that must be properly tuned in order to meet performance, durability and emission objectives. Toyota has invested millions of dollars and man-hours on each calibration using an army of engineers and advanced emission dynamometer laboratories. At Allan Phillips Racing, we believe that keeping the emissions and durability controls intact is imperative for a clean environment while keeping your automotive investment fully protected. The X-One fully leverages the Toyota calibration for emissions and durability by operating as a parallel processor while enabling performance tuning.

APR’s X-One contains over 5000 calibration parameters that work in harmony with the Toyota ECU. Don’t worry, we’ve meticulously done this calibration work for you leaving only a handful of performance tables for users who modify their powertrains (see software for complete list).

Every APR base calibration is the result of a disciplined engineering process taking care of all durability, emission and performance controls. The X-One control software is an advanced hierarchical design; this allows us to seamlessly balance emissions, diagnostics and performance.


Essentially, we’ve designed a controller inside the control that enables us to calibrate how a user’s calibration change is integrated thus making user modification easier and managed with the production ECU. In addition, we employ a “calibrate-by-difference” approach for performance tables. This results in a much easier and efficient calibration experience for our end users. software download...




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