8-Channel Auxiliary Drivers.

In addition, we’ve included a standard automotive quality 8-channel low-side driver (each channel capable of sinking 3 amps) allowing control of up to 16 additional injectors. Auxiliary forced-induction injections controls are currently dedicated to 4 channels for secondary port and throttle injectors. The remaining 4 channels are available as a generic actuation device operating in either a binary on/off mode or configurable period and duty-cycle. These 4 channels provide a computer controlled actuation for boost control, shift light, nitrous, relays or auxiliary injectors.

Large Diameter Mass Airflow Meter Corrections.

Some aftermarket offerings will lower mass airflow voltage either mechanically or by electronics in an attempt to indirectly lean-out the production calibration. Unfortunately this causes the load calculations to be off by as much as 40% causing numerous inaccuracies in hundreds of load-based tables including spark, fuel and variable cam control. This results in poor drivability, performance, emissions and inversely affects the ECU’s durability control and check engine lights. The


X-One compensates for large diameter mass airflow tubes by adjusting the MAF sensor voltage to accurately reflect the true throttle mass airflow. This feature is for keeping the MAF sensor accurate for heavily modified induction systems.

Injector Replacement/Oversize Compensation

To compensate for the increased power for heavily modified powertrains, tuners will often replace the stock injectors with higher volume aftermarket units. In order to do this properly, the injector transfer function must be modified for the new actuator. This includes both offset as a function of ignition voltage and injector slopes. Bernoulli correction factors are handled internally by the X-One.

Acoustic Control Induction System

Included in the X-One design is the control and actuation of the ACIS valve. Toyota designed this technology to alter runner lengths to optimize the reflective tuning to improve torque across a wide range of rpm. The X-One allows complete control of this valve so that volumetric efficiency modifications are fully optimized (as with our performance cam gears sets). This feature is especially important for the forced induction of the stock intake to optimize for the increased port air velocities.

Vehicle Speed-Cut and Final Drive Ratio Control

The vehicle speed limiter set point can be increased to match performance tire ratings (X-Runner only). In addition, axle modification and tire height compensation are easily accommodated.

Factory Dash Shift Light

The factory Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) serves double duty for both the Toyota and XOne ECU's. The factory on-board diagnostics (OBD2) remain intact while also providing MIL function, calibration identification and a shift light for the X-One. When a new calibration is detected in the USB Flash-Cal Drive, the X-One will flash the MIL a calibratable number of times to identify the map. software download…


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