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Software Updated 05/04/09

XTune Setup .03A.Zip


Map Definitions


Map Folder

Example Folder: Tta 40 03A F 295

T= Toyota

ta= Tacoma

40= 4.0L

03A= Software Version

F or R= Factor or /Re-Flash ECU Configuration

295/425/680= Injector Size


Maps within the Map Folders

Tta 40 03 F1 295

F1= APR base calibration with factory vehicle speed limiter and vehicles with front catalytic converters

Tta 40 03 F2 295

F2= same as 1 except vehicle speed limiter is removed

Tta 40 03 F3 295

F3= APR hot calibration for vehicles without front catalytic converters.





Naturally Aspirated

Tacoma Factory ECU

FJ Factory ECU


TRD Supercharger with Factory Re-Flashed ECU

Tacoma Re-Flash Factory ECU

FJ Re-Flash Factory ECU


Supercharged / Turbocharged with Stock ECU

Tacoma Factory ECU

FJ Factory ECU





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