USB High Bandwidth Acquisition System

The power of USB unleashes the data acquisition capabilities normally found only in expensive high-end systems. XTune can capture over 100 parameters at 100 Hz for 100 minutes of data recordings.

18-Channel Auxiliary Measurement Port

In addition to the internal 18 sensor channels, the X-One includes an external 18-channel auxiliary data acquisition port. These channels are available for auxiliary measurements for pressure, temperature (RTD), thermocouples, UEGO and digital mass airflow sensors. All together, the XTune software package includes 36 sensor channels that allow for advanced data acquisition analysis. Included with X-One is a generic harness for connecting auxiliary measurements.

Attractive Virtual Dashboard

The XTune software comes with several sculpted pre-configured virtualdashboards that allow ergonomic acquisition of multiple parameters (up to 100 signals).



Every gauge is configurable allowing the user to choose what signals to display and record.

Professional Data Analysis System

Our presentation quality data analysis software allows for efficient data management to aid in the calibration effort. Chart multiple parameters, add annotations, zoom and pan quickly to the segment of interest. Simultaneous charting in either 2D or 3D with a spreadsheet view for examining the numbers. Save your chart with annotations inside the data set so that you can quickly return to your area of interests.

Integrated Parameter Guide

Our unique explorer panel allows efficient management and parameter identification, definition and application guide with the ability to add user notes on every item. software download...

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