APR Software Services

APR engineers have over two-decades of disciplined embedded and PC software design experience.  All designs start at the architecture level with UML modeling with complete traceability from the initial requirements and use cases thru the final testing and deployment.  We realize that quality software starts with a solid architecture and requires extensive and exhaustive testing that can take up to 50% of the development time before deployment.  We employ the best toolsets in the industry and create our own unique code generators to eliminate the mundane tasks that are prone to error.

  • Languages: C, C++, EC++, C#, UML, XML and assembly
  • Operating Systems: All Windows, RTXC, uCOS2, PSOS and custom in-house
  • Multi-threading: safety critical, concurrency/synchronization
  • Frameworks: MFC, All .Net (up to 3.5 and CE), RTCF, AUTOSAR
  • Device Drivers: WDM, eTPU, MPC555, MPC5554, PIC32
  • State Machines
  • Object-oriented design
  • Design patterns
  • Generic/Attributes Programming
  • Functional Programming with LINQ for SQL and XML
  • CASE tools
  • Testing: unit, load, code coverage and profiling