Modeling and Control System Design Services

APR has extensive production control system design experience that has delivered SULEV compliant vehicles that are on the road today.  We pioneered physics based modeling and control for torque, air and fuel pathways that deliver high quality, performance and robustness while significantly reducing calibration expenditures.  Our philosophy is to design both controls/models in tandem with the system identification (calibration) producing a simultaneous engineering methodology.

  • Physical models
  • Generic ARMAX modeling
  • Universal Neural Network modeling
  • State Estimators
  • Nonlinear extended Kalman filters
  • Predictors
  • Control laws
  • Regulators
  • Trackers
  • Adaptive Controls
  • Numeric optimization
  • M-files
  • Mex-functions
  • S-functions
  • Real-time implementations
  • Verification, validation and acceptance testing