Engine Calibration Services

APR has engineered a disciplined calibration methodology that delivers world-class high quality, performance, durability and robustness while significantly reducing development time and expenditures.  Starting with mean-value components, each calibration is performed in a critical order and checked against traceable systematic sign-off procedures that are designed to safeguard powertrain durability throughout its useful lifecycle.  The methodology employs a custom auto-calibration toolset with both on and offline numeric optimization.  APR specializes in SULEV emission standards and holds over 20 CARB exemption certifications.

Mass Airflow Sensor Transfer Function
  • Mean mass airflow vs. voltage
  • Speed throttle backflow/tuning correction
  • Temperature corrections
  • Dynamic characterization
Injector Transfer Function
  • Mean slope/offset including nonlinear regions
  • Bernoulli/tuning delta-pressure correction
  • Dynamic characterization
Airflow Model Calibration
  • Manifold filling
  • Cylinder charge temperature and residual mass ratio
  • Volumetric efficiency with EGR, VCT, variable intake geometry and forced induction
  • Speed-throttle characterization
Transient Fuel Calibration
  • Wall-wetting calibration
  • Lost-fuel compensation
  • Feed-forward calibration
Robust Air/Fuel Ratio Trajectory Calibration
  • Individual cylinder air/fuel ratio distribution correction
  • Catalyst temperature protection
  • Engine durability protection
MBT Spark Calibration
  • Torque loss sensitivity analysis from borderline requirements

Borderline Spark Calibration

Variable Soak Air, Fuel and Spark Calibrations