Driver and Vehicle Safety Products

Vehicle Speed Governor

Sentry SG2

Protecting Our Most Valuable Asset

APR has engineered the SG2 for improved driving safety of vehicles while increasing fuel economy.  The SG2 works by limiting the maximum speed and acceleration of the vehicle.  By operating at lower performance levels, both safety and fuel economy are maximized.  The system is completely configurable using the supplied USB flash-key – no computer necessary for programming.  Simply insert the flash-key to unlock the current maximum speed and remove it to secure the new desired maximum speed.  An administrator flash-key is also included that puts the system in bypass mode allowing normal vehicle operation.

Vehicle Speed Governor

Vehicle Acceleration Governor

Reduce Liability

Reduce Insurance Cost*

Reduced Fuel Cost

Improve Driver and Vehicle Safety

Completely configurable using supplied USB flash-key

Special administrator flash-key allows complete system bypass and normal operation

Available for all GM, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota vehicles with electronic throttle

*Check local laws