X5554 Micro-Engine

The X5554 is the intelligence of APR Rapidware.  Significant design efficiencies are achieved in hardware, software and testing by separating the microcontroller core from the application drivers and signal conditioning.  The power of the micro-engine is reusable component-based hardware and software.  This is achieved by combining a world-class microcontroller, a high-speed USB JTAG/data port (480 MBits/s), a USB-Host flash disk controller and the RTCF software that allows users to focus on their unique application without having to reinvent the 70% of code that is common between applications (i.e. board startup, rtos integration, device drivers…).  An automotive certified 200-position connector system provides the MPC5554 peripheral I/O in a standard footprint.


X5554 Micro-Engine Applications

Universal Powertrain Management System

Networked Data Acquisition/Control System

Battery Management System Development

AUTOSAR Software Development Nodes

MPC5554 Microcontroller

132MHz e200z6 Core with SPE

2MB Flash


40 (expandable to 65) eQADC Channels

12-bit@200KHz / 10-bit@400KHz

88 24-Bit Timed I/O Channels

64 (2x32) eTPU (C Programmable)

2 independent RISC cores

24 eMIOS Channels

3 FlexCAN Channels

4 DSPI/ 2 eSCI

64 Channel eDMA


X5554 Auxiliary On-Board Components

200 (2x100) Position Connector System

Automotive Certified (-55’C to 125’C)

1.7A @ 30’C

On-board Switching Power Supply

Integrated Watchdog and POR

512KByte SRAM

Calibration Overlay for Real-Time Tuning


High-speed 480 MBits/second

R/W Registers, SRAM, FLASH

USB 2.0 Data Port

40MByte/s Full-Duplex Throughput

USB 2.0 Host UFD Port

4GB on-board flight recorder

USB Mass-Storage Interface

USB 2.0 Host Port

Heads-Up Display Interface

Mobile Acquisition/Calibration Interface