Real-Time Control Framework

The RTCF is an advanced event-driven hierarchical state machine based architecture for creating deterministic multi-threaded embedded real-time code.  The framework allows rapid application development by providing all micro-engine support code with an exceptional embedded real-time architecture.  A key design pattern is the “Software Bus” that is analogous to peripheral devices attached to a hardware bus.  This pattern allows component-based user code to abstract parameters and events in a fully synchronized multi-threaded environment eliminating inter component dependencies, resource sharing and blocking.  The RTCF is runnable in both embedded and PC environments allowing exceedingly efficient software development.

RTOS (Real-Time Operating System)
  • DO-178B avionic safety critical certification
  • Preemptive multi-tasking kernel
  • Full synchronization services
RTXM (Real-Time Execution Manager)
  • Event-driven hierarchical state machine execution
  • Synchronous/Asynchronous prioritized event queues
  • Deterministic execution and monitoring
  • Minimal context shifting
RTDM (Real-Time Development Manager)
  • Integrated XStudio USB on-chip debug interface
  • Deterministic multi-rate acquisition and stimulation
  • Real-time calibration tuning
  • USB Flash Disk (UFD) for mass storage management




Software Bus
  • Modular component based partitioning
  • Synchronized parameter port abstraction
  • Synchronized event port abstraction
Component Software Structure
  • Object oriented event-driven hierarchical state machine model
  • Auto-code generated parameter and calibration data structures
Hardware Abstraction
  • Hardware independent interface
Device Drivers
  • Standard device interface (i.e. ADC, DAC, PWM…)
  • Communication stack (USB, CAN)
  • Complex time processing
Control Library
  • Nonlinear Functions (table lookups)
  • Adaptive Functions
  • Standard Filters
  • Standard Controls