P5554 Product Development Console

The P5554 combines dual X5554 or X555 micro-engines with universal signal conditioning and simulation to provide a powerful software/hardware development console.  The P5554 was developed originally to be a micro-engine end-of-line tester.  We realized that by providing a 200-way header for the I/O sensor conditioning/simulation signals we had a powerful product development tool that can be applied to many applications.  This includes both hardware and software-in-the-loop (HIL/SIL) testing as well as a universal end-of-line functional tester for new customer products.  A large prototyping areas is provided for product customization.


P5554 Applications

Dual X5554 or X555 Micro-Engines

AUTOSAR Software Development Console

End-Of-Line Functional Tester

Vehicle Simulator

Real-Time/Test Analytics

Reverse Engineering Analytics

P5554 Communications

6 or 4 CAN Channels

2 USB 2.0 JTAG/ONCE or BDM Ports

2 USB 2.0 Data Port (480 MBits/s)

2 USB 2.0 Host UFD Port (USB Flash Disk)

4GB on-board flight recorder

USB Mass-Storage Interface

2 USB 2.0 Host Port

Heads-Up Display Interface

Mobile Acquisition/Calibration Interface

P5554 Inputs

64Single-Ended Analog Inputs

8 Differential Analog Inputs

8 Current Sense (+/- 20mA to 1A)

32 Single-Ended Digital Inputs

Configurable Pull-Up/Down

P5554 Outputs

40 DAC Analog Outputs (sensor simulator)

32 IGBT/Bipolar/TTL Pre-Driver (eTPU)

4 Power Output Current Sense Supplies

4Low-Side Drivers (2/3A)

P5554 Prototyping

Large prototyping area with power/ground

Signal routing I/O