Unified Hardware + Software + Architecture

The Rapidware architecture is all about intelligent partitioning of hardware and software into modular components that can be integrated with application specific circuitry to create a broad range of products.  We’ve spent years fine tuning the architecture with our own product development to not only penetrate new markets, but to thoroughly validate and verify designs while minimizing expenditures and supporting the entire product lifecycle.

The micro-engine contains standard microcontroller hardware with additional SRAM and efficient switching power supply integrated with a powerful high-speed (480 MBits/sec) USB interface for both on-chip debugging / acquisition / calibration and UFD mass storage.

A real-time control framework (RTCF) is provided that includes a hardware abstraction layer, real-time operating system (RTOS), real-time development manager (RTDM), real-time execution engine (RTXM), device drivers and a control library.  RTCF is an advanced event-driven hierarchical state machine based architecture for creating deterministic multi-threaded embedded real-time code.  Out-of-the-box the user focuses on writing application specific code without having to first build board initialization, device drivers and RTOS integration saving 1000’s of man-hours using field-proven technology.

XStudio is a Window’s based tool for embedded software development.  A high-speed USB interface is employed for on-chip debugging, flash memory programming, acquisition, calibration and software/hardware-in-the-loop (SIL/HIL) testing.  In addition, XStudio is an auto-coding tool for generating user component software modules with managed state-variables and calibration data structures.

The RTCF is a designed-for-test (DFT) architecture allowing full simulation capabilities under the Windows operating system using Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2008 Enterprise addition.  Test vectors are readily created and outputs captured, compared and analyzed in XStudio from both the embedded hardware and PC environments for rapid system verification and validation.