Rapidware Technology

Rapid product development tools featuring the latest technology in model driven architecture (MDA) with auto-code generation that is affordable.

Starting with the Unified Modeling Language (UML) standard, we’ve designed a complete real-time control framework (RTCF) and UML profile for solving hard real-time problems in an open architecture for the embedded control system domain.  The UML 2.1 team-based modeling environments we employ embraces the complete software development lifecycle with tools that give you the competitive edge in control modeling, software design, systems engineering, requirements management, testing and safety-critical traceability. 

Our UML profile defines stereotypes for nonlinear multi-point interpolations, adaptive functions, event management, state management, digital signal processing (DSP) and calibration/state-variable structure definitions that enable real-time tuning and multi-rate acquisition for XStudio processing and integration.

Based upon our own field-proven product designs, APR has released its smart hardware architecture that separates the microcontroller core (Micro-Engine) from the large-signal device drivers (Application-Board).  And of course, all APR Micro-Engines and application boards are provided with open-source CAD to allow immediate customization by our customers.

APR’s Rapidware allows users to focus on their unique application without having to reinvent the 70% of hardware/software that is common between application.  There is no need to spend 1000’s of hours designing switching-mode power supplies, SRAM interfaces, board startup, RTOS integration and devices drivers.  APR has done the heavy lifting for you with actual field-proven designs from our own product offerings.