C5554 Universal ECU

Racetronics: C5554 Universal ECU

The C5554 powertrain management system is a universal modular design based upon the X5554 micro-engine.  We’ve included the standard signal conditioning and device drivers common to gasoline and diesel systems while separating out the specific high-power drivers required for unique actuators.  We have designed a universal driver interface for controlling external devices by combining high-speed digital I/O with a CAN bus for configuration and diagnostics.  Customers can build upon the X5554 core and add specific external drivers to target peak-and-hold injectors, dumb ignition coils or the new piezoelectric actuators. 


Built upon the real-time control framework (RTCF), our base powertrain management software and calibration dataset  allows users to start running their engines out-of-the-box and begin dynamometer mapping procedures immediately.

The C5554 design utilizes a rugged water-resistant enclosure and features 4 MIL-spec standard motorsport connectors.

C5554 Features

X5554 Micro-Engine

4 Deutsch Autosport Connectors

2x128 Positions, 5A

22 Position Data Port

13 Position Power Port


Intelligent Power Management

-40-85’C, 100% RH, 8Grms/2KHz /3D

C5554 Communication

3 FlexCAN Channels


USB 2.0 Data Port

USB 2.0 Host UFD Port (USB Flash Disk)

4GB on-board flight recorder

USB Mass-Storage Interface

USB 2.0 Host Port

Heads-Up Display Interface

Mobile Acquisition/Calibration Interface






C5554 Inputs

32 Single-Ended Analog Inputs

16 Differential Analog Inputs

24 Single-Ended Digital Inputs

8 Differential Digital Inputs

2 Differential Knock Sensor DSP

2 UEGO Channels (6-wire, dual-pcell)

On-Board Atm. Pressure / PCB Temp.

C5554 Outputs

36 Universal IGBT/Bipolar/TTL Pre-Drivers

Current feedback/diagnostics

External Driver Injector/Igniter/Motor

External Driver CAN config/diagnostics

8 Universal Half-Bridge (5A)

4 Lambda Heater Drivers (Staged Control)

8 DAC Analog Outputs

32 Pin Sensor Supply (on/off control)

24 Standard Low-Side Drivers (2/3A)

8 High-Side Current Sense Drivers (1/6A)

2 Smart H-Bridge Driver (6/7A)