A5554 Universal Acquisition

Racetronics: A5554 Universal Acquisition

The A5554 is a powerful distributed data acquisition system based upon the X5554 micro-engine.  We’ve included all standard signal conditioning and drivers utilized in our own dynamometer mapping procedures with expansion to other modules over the CAN bus for thermocouple arrays and auxiliary measurements.  We’ve also included a ZigBee transceiver for RF-sensing of remote sensors (i.e. tire pressure).The A5554 design utilizes a rugged water-resistant enclosure and features 5 MIL-spec standard motorsport connectors.


A5554 Features

X5554 Micro-Engine

5 Deutsch Autosport Connectors

3x128 Positions, 5A

22 Position Data Port

13 Position Power Port


Intelligent Power Management

-40-85’C, 100% RH, 8Grms/2KHz /3D

A5554 Communication

3 FlexCAN Channels


USB 2.0 Data Port

USB 2.0 Host UFD Port (USB Flash Disk)

4GB on-board flight recorder

USB Mass-Storage Interface

USB 2.0 Host Port

Heads-Up Display Interface

Mobile Acquisition/Calibration Interface






A5554 Inputs

32 Single-Ended Analog Inputs

32 Differential Analog Inputs

24 Single-Ended Digital Inputs

16 Differential Digital Inputs

IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee Transceiver

Wireless sensor networks

2.4GHz, 16 Channels, 250Kbits/s

2 Differential Knock Sensor DSP

10 UEGO Channels (6-wire, dual-pcell)

On-Board Atm. Pressure / PCB Temp.

A5554 Outputs

10 Lambda Heater Drivers (Staged Control)

8 DAC Analog Outputs

64 Pin Sensor Supply (on/off control)

8 Standard Low-Side Drivers (2/3A)

2 High-Side Current Sense Drivers (1/6A)

1 Smart H-Bridge Driver (6/7A)