Controllers and Acquisition

Racetronics: Controllers and Acquisition

With the release of APR’s Rapidware Technology comes two new product offerings for the performance, motorsport and powertrain engineering industries.  APR has designed it’s X5554 micro-engine inside a universal powertrain management and data acquisition systems built upon the open-source real-time control framework (RTCF) and XStudio development tools.  Combining open-source hardware + software + architecture with a powerful toolset allows complex problems solving in a quick, flexible and efficient new way.


Need help solving a difficult controls/calibration problems? 

Let our experienced team of engineers guide you to a smart solution using our open-source hardware/software as a starting point.  No need to reinvent the EFI-controller-wheel, start from our production quality base package including advanced transient air and fuel controls with calibration procedures and modify for your specific requirements.

Our mission at APR is to help our customers innovate, design and launch new controls system products from a solid production-proven foundation of smart hardware and software architecture.