Q. Why does the rev limiter only go to 6200RPM

A. The hyper eutectic cast pistons in the 4.0L are approaching maximum speed at 6200 rpm. For increased rev-limiter calibrations (up to 7800 RPM) are available from Authorized Dealers for highly modified race engine that are designed to handle the increased loading.

Q. Do I have to modify (cut/ solder) my stock vehicle harness?

A. No, the X-One is truly plug and play.

Q. Does the X-One replace my OEM ECU?

A. No. The X-One computer runs in parallel with the factory ECU keeping all diagnostics and durability functions intact.

Q. What type of Mass Air Flow Sensors can you run?

A. You can run the factory hot wire with various sizes of orifices or frequency based sensors up to 900 cfm.

Q. Why should I install an X-One ECU instead of a full aftermarket ECU?

A. The factory ECU controls numerous functions other than just the engine, a full aftermarket ECU’s can only run the engine and can not accommodate ancillary devices such as the Dash Board, EVAP, OBD2, Cruise Control, Vehicle Anti-Theft…

Q. What kind of performance gain can I expect with an X-One ECU?

A. Our Stage1 Performance Package increases all engine configurations (NA/SC/TC) torque by an astounding 20+ FT-LBS across a wide rpm range equating to a 30+ HP increase at 6200 RPM.

Q. Will the X-One ECU work on N/A, Supercharged and Turbo vehicles?

A. Yes, all of the calibration work has been done to keep the factory ECU content, all you have to do is tune for your specific configuration.

Q. Why does my MIL light flash at me when I first key-on and when I insert a flash key?

A. The X-One performs calibration identification by allowing the user to enter the number times to flash the MIL light upon calibration loading.

Q. Can I run Methanol in the auxiliary injectors?

A. Yes, the X-One allows separate fuel stoichiometry and density for the port, auxiliary secondary port and throttle injectors. All you have to do is instruct the ECU what type of fuel and which injectors and the Xone will automatically calculate the fuel curve for you.

Q. What is required to tune an X-One ECU?

A. Laptop / Desktop computer with USB connection.

Q. How many additional port injectors and how many throttle injectors can you run?

A. Up to six additional port injectors and two throttle injectors.

Q. How does the X-One ECU deal with the additional injectors?

A. Distribution control allows you to allocate fuel between the stock port, auxiliary port secondary's and throttle injectors.

Q. Can I run larger main injectors as well?

A. Yes, just type in the new injector size.

Q. Can the X-One control the factory ACIS (Acoustic Control Induction System) valve?

A. Yes. Systems that pressurize the factory intake can tune the opening and closing events of the valve for your specific configuration.

Q. After plugging in the X-One computer, I noticed that the engine idles faster.

A. True, the factory ECU resets the idle control adaptive when the battery source has been disconnected. After a day or two of starts and running, the factory ECU will re-learn the idle adaptive's and will return back to normal.

Q. Do I need a PC or Laptop connected to the X-One ECU to change maps?

A. No. You can use a USB flash drive to change maps.

Q. How many maps can I have?

A. Unlimited

Q. Is there a limit to the number of times I can program my X-One ECU?

A. No.

Q. Can I make real-time map calibration changes (fuel, spark…) while the engine is running?

A. Yes, either editing the maps directly or buy hitting the Sync button.

Q. How do I make my real-time map calibration changes permanent?

A. While the key is on and the engine is off, simply hit the program button.

Q. How many additional sensors can I hook up to the X-One ECU?

A. 16 analog and 2 digital.

Q. How many channels and how long can I log with the data logger.

A. 100 channels at 100hz for 100 minutes.

Q. How does the X-One deal with fuel cut?

A. All of the calibration work has been done to keep the factory ECU content, all you have to do is tune for you specific configuration.

Q. Can you raise the vehicle speed limiter?

A. Yes.

Q. What external MAP sensors does the X-One ECU support?

A. Most all 0-5V sensors, just enter the slope and offset (or polynomial) and your in business.

Q. Does the X-One support wide band Air Fuel Ratio meters?

A. Yes.

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