X-One ECU Eliminates Factory Rev-Limiter!  

Introducing the ultimate powertrain management system for the Toyota 4.0L. The X-One has been designed to take complete control of the injection and ignition systems to allow absolute management of powertrain operation without upsetting the factory ECU and its diagnostic systems. This enables the X-One to adjust every aspect of the powertrain calibration including rev-limiter extension since it drives the injectors and igniters directly as a true ECU.

Allan Phillips Racing has engineered a complete system of components that unleashes the reserved horsepower in your Toyota 4.0L powertrain. The system consists of specially engineered cam timing gear set, cooler thermostat and the X-One ECU that adjusts for the mechanical improvements so that the system can be properly tuned. Our Stage1 Performance Package increases torque in all engine configurations (NA/SC/TC) by an astounding 20+ FT-LBS across a wide rpm range equating to a 30+ HP increase at 6200 RPM.

Matching components and optimizing calibration is a tedious endeavor that involves 100’s of man-hours in dynamometer testing. APR’s dynamometer laboratory is state-of-the-art with advanced sensor measurements including individual cylinder pressure (indicated mean effective pressure –IMEP combustion equipment), wide-band universal exhaust oxygen (UEGO) sensors and an armory of mass-flow, pressure and temperature sensors.

To increase power output in an internal combustion engine, one must increase the combusted cylinder pressure at the proper crank angles in a precisely controlled manner that does not initiate abnormal combustion resulting in the violent auto-ignition and knock/detonation phenomena. Auto-ignition and knock are caused by the spontaneous and uncontrolled combustion of air/fuel mixture ahead of the flame front in the cylinder by exceeding temperature and pressure thresholds of the fuel and engine design. The end result is the violent release of energy causing pressure shock waves to occur at improper crank angles that can damage the engine very quickly.

In principle there are six effective ways to increase cylinder pressure in a production engine at the proper angles:


1.Adjust the spark to run closer to maximum brake torque (MBT) timing without introducing abnormal combustion;
2.Adjust the fuel to run closer to MBT air/fuel ratios without introducing abnormal combustion while still safe-guarding catalyst temperatures;
3.Increase the volumetric efficiency of the engine;
4.Forced induction by pressurizing above atmosphere;
5.Chemically increasing the oxygen content above atmospheric conditions (nitrous oxide).
6.Chemical/mechanical intercooling.

Volumetric efficiency is a measure of the engines pumping performance; a higher volumetric efficiency will produce a greater mass airflow thru the engine. This performance metric is utilized throughout all modern powertrain controllers in the form of a load calculation that is utilized in 100s of calibration tables inside the ECU.

APR’s Stage1 package addresses three of the above issues. We’ve done all the heavy calibration lifting for you making performance tuning a quick and joyful experience. The cooler thermostat reduces combustion chamber wall temperatures allowing us to run closer to MBT air/fuel ratio and spark timing, while our cam gears significantly increase volumetric efficiency across a broad Rpm range including the sweet spot above the stock rev-limiter. To take full advantage of the mechanical improvements, the entire system has been properly calibrated on a dynamometer with an ECU that has full control over all air, fuel and spark actuators. The ECU’s is easily configured to control heavily modified powertrains, forced induction with larger or up to 8 additional injectors, injecting octane enrichment/intercooling fuels and NOS.

APR has made the investments and engineered the technology that enables our customers to easily modify their powertrains with confidence. Our goal is to empower our customers with state of the art software, hardware and components that allow for the maximum performance from all aftermarket enhancements.





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