Allan Phillips Racing was founded under the guiding principles of delivering the highest quality performance products with uncompromised performance, emissions, drivability, durability and fuel economy meeting all production standards. Our combined 50 years of engineering excellence has taught us that you can have performance and keep it green as well. Every APR product goes through a disciplined engineering process to assure quality, performance, durability and emission standards meet our specification.  We’ve invested over a million dollars in our facility in order to deliver on this promise.

APR engineers are fluent in a range of engineering disciplines with a strong education lineage and pedigree receiving graduate education from MIT, University of Michigan and the University of Texas.  Our design engineers are thought leaders in mechanical, electrical and control engineering with seasoned experience in production OEM emissions controls for Toyota and Ford.  Some of their designs include the first production OEM ULEV compliant controls.  Our team has pioneered physics based modeling and control for achieving SULEV emission objective for both production and advanced hybrid powertrain research vehicles.