APR Seventh Injector Kit

Add an additional 70HP worth of fuel to your 4.0L Tacoma

Perfect for additional NOS fueling on naturally aspirated and supercharger applications.

Reduces supercharger outlet temps by 20 degrees

630cc Injector

Attractive black hard anodizing

-4 stainless steel braided fuel line and fittings



APR has designed an alternative fueling system for your Toyota 4.0L that increases both performance and durability. The 630cc injector boasts an additional 70 HP of fueling to accommodate various power adders. Whether you are running E85, increased blower speeds or NOS systems the seventh injector will accommodate your fueling needs.

In supercharger applications the fuel that is being ingested into the blower accomplishes two things. First it cools the blower by a phenomenon know as latent heat of vaporization (especially with E85), second the fuel (liquid) creates a seal between the rotors and the housing that increases the efficiency of the blower. Latent heat of vaporization is the heat that is absorbed into the fuel from the blower which causes it to transition from a liquid into a gas. This transition draws the heat out of the blower and creates a homogeneous charge at the same time. By reducing the discharge temperatures, you are able to run more spark timing without inducing detonation.

If you plan to run a dry NOS system on your naturally aspirated or supercharged vehicle, the Seventh Injector is the perfect match. Extra fuel and the NOS nozzle bolt right on, no drilling or tapping required. Specify with or without NOS port when ordering.






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