E85 Injector Kit for the TRD Supercharger  

Provides the increased fuel requirements of E85 fuel

105 Octane to boost performance

Perfect for additional NOS dry fueling on naturally aspirated and supercharger applications

Injectors are machined for Toyota applications

Match flowed to less than 1%

Requires: Injector Adapter Harness


APR has designed an E85 fueling system that will aid in performance, durability and the environmental impact of fossil fuels. E85 is a renewal energy that is produced here in the US, converting to E85 will extend our supplies of petroleum based fuels and keep our US dollars here in the US. Of course there is a power advantage too, E85 has an octane rating of 100-105 and has the ability to significantly reduce inlet charge temperatures resulting in better performance. With APR's E85 map, performance gains can be as much as 30 HP on a supercharged vehicle, and 15 HP on a naturally aspirated applications. Whether you are on the street or at the drag strip, E85 and its 105 octane will have you pumping additional ponies to the ground.

There are many E85 conversion kits available, all of the one's that we have seen will add a fixed injector duty to the injectors and sell for around 300-400 dollars. The problem with this approach is that the motor feels lazy, gas mileage suffers and the limited flow capacity of the factory injectors will also cause the motor to go lean at WOT. E85 burns much slower than gasoline and requires proper timing and fuel control from part throttle all the way to WOT.

These 670cc injector boasts an additional 36% more fueling over the stock supercharger injectors to accommodate other types of power adders as well. Whether you are running E85, increased blower speeds or NOS systems - the E85 injector kit will accommodate your fueling needs.

E85 Information:

Test so far have shown a 20% reduction in fuel economy in comparison to gasoline (with our map), as gasoline prices escalate the price spread between the two increases. When this increase reaches 20% two things happen, it becomes a "push" when comparing your out of pocket expense for gasoline and the extra performance is a bonus!

The complete fuel system on Toyota vehicles has been compatible with ethanol fuel for the last 10 years. There have been reports that in older vehicles that the E85 fuel will actually clean the inside of the gas tank and in some cases if there is enough debris, it could stop up the fuel pump filter.

E85 burns extremely clean and has a very pleasant aroma at the tailpipe – including cold starts.  The raw fuel smell is sweet (moonshine)– they must add the 15% gasoline to keep people from drinking it.

E85 fuel stations are not as abundant, refueling would require a conscious effort on the drivers part. If you find yourself running low on fuel and can not find a E85 station, you can always put in gasoline and change to the gasoline map with a USB key. Provided is a link that will help you locate E85 stations in your area:




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